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When to take exogenous ketones?

Following a ketogenic diet is becoming more and more common, something that was once used for medical reasons alone is now often used by people looking to improve their body composition through the elimination of carbohydrates. Before explaining what exogenous ketones are, we must first look at what ketosis is. Glucose is the body’s preferred […]

Androsurge Top Estrogen Blocker for 2017 | Review and In-Depth Look

Androsurge by Jacked Factory Top Estrogen Blocker for 2017 | Review and In-Depth Look There has been some hype about this product lately on the internet. So we’ve decided to check it out and see what it was all about! After some researching of the ingredients, looking at customer reviews, and referencing other websites we’ve […]

Vegan Need for Vitamin B12: An Essential Supplement in an Animal-free Diet

Vitamin B12 is one of the eight B vitamins and plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain, the nervous system, and in the formation of blood. Also called cobalamin, this vitamin is involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body. In addition, B12 assists the body in converting carbohydrates […]

Is Excessive Exercise Bad? Rest the Body Between Workouts

Lacy Stodola, 22, calls her weekly routine a disease. Six days a week, Monday through Saturday, Stodola runs, lifts or kick boxes for two hours. She’s increased her workout since the summer after an ACL injury during her softball season. Stodola also admits to being overweight prior to her fitness reformation. “I used to not […]

Walking – Good Exercise for Seniors: Walking Safety Tips, Adaptive Devices & Ways to Keep Walking

The best exercise program is one that is safe, enjoyable, and one to which the person will commit. Walking is simple, requires minimal equipment, can be done indoors or outside, and offers great health benefits. The Importance of Physical Activity in Later Years According to the American Heart Association’s Currents article entitled “Physical Activity and […]

Tibetan Exercises for Advanced

Smile and sit in the Staff pose (Sanskrit name: Dandasana). Your legs are extended in front of you. The knee caps are facing the ceiling. Your feet are flexed and slightly (10 – 12 inches) apart from each other. Your shoulders are above and in line with your hips. Push your shoulder blades together and […]

Relaxation & Breathing Exercises for Childbirth: Learning How to Relax for an Easier Labor and Delivery

Relaxation is essential for effective labor. It helps you conserve energy and keeps your mind clear. Effective relaxation during labor will help you stay in tune with your body and adjust to the stages as they come, changing your position or the way you breathe. When you know what to expect during your child’s birth […]